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    Connected to server ok, Negotiations Timed Out

    Simone Spanio


      I've this problem with Open in Server feature: if I'm inside the company Network (VPN) I can call via QlikView this address to lease a license: qvp://domain\user@my.machine.name and it works perfectly.



      If I try to call out of company network the address qvp://my.machine.domain\user@my.machine.name it failed with an error of Negotiations Timed Out (see attachment).



      I tried also with qvp://domain\user@my.machine.name (in the examples, domain is the internal name, my.machine.domain is the domain name view from external)



      I don't understand if it is a problem due to firewall (or to the company network) or to configuration of QlikView Server 11.



      Anyone can help me?