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    Strange bookmars in Server and Audit Log

    Iliyan Somlev


      Have you experienced this before? Could you tell me what is the reason?


      One of our clients experienced "hanging" application several times - the application stopped responding, and CPU and RAM did not look like fully taken/used  in the Task Manager-Performance Window. Our client accessed it via IE (Plugin) , QVS is 11.2 SR5, machine is WIndows Server 2008


      In the Audit Log when the field Type =Bookmark the field Message have entries like

        "Apply Server\BM1601-70"

        "Apply Server\BM1602-70"

      at every 2 minutes for the period of 30 minutes when the hanging occurred. The user does not use bookmarks and there are no triggers in our document.


      The same bookmarks appear in the Document Tab of the QVS but the user had never created one.