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    Pivot table like functionality in Combo Chart

    Diwakar Nahata



      I have a scenario (Please have a look at the image attached) where I have Product Category and Product Sub-Category as my dimension hierarchy and sum(Sales_Amount) as my metric. Now I want to see in a combo chart all the Product Categories stacked (across time in x-axis), but when a Product Sub-Category is selected from the list box, the corresponding Product Category in the Combo Chart Bar graph breaks down to show all its Sub-Categories, while all other Product Categories are as it is.

      For e.g. In the attached image if 'Road Bikes' is selected from the Product Sub-Categories List Box, then in the Bar Graph, the Product Category view for 'Bikes' will split into its sub-categories (Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Touring Bikes) while all other Product Categories will remain as it is leaving the total share as 100%.


      Let me know if this can be achieved in QlikView?