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    Only allow access to one qvw from DMZ Web Server

    Bill Markham



      We have a single server on the internal LAN running QV Server & QV Web Server.


      In the DMZ we have set up a second QV Web Server using IIS that accesses the QV Server over the DMZ firewall to the LAN.


      This all works fine but we would like to only allow a single qvw to be accessible from the DMZ QV Web Server using IIS.  But to access this & other qvw's when using the LAN QV Web Server.


      All authentication is done by NFTS / AD and the same AD user will be used whatever Web Server is used.  [It would though be acceptable for authentication on the DMZ QV Web Server to use a non AD method]



                Any Suggestions ?



      Best Regards,     Bill

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          Daniel Rozental

          You could build a landing page that removes or adds authorization, through the QlikView Management API, to a document depending on what webserver it is running on.


          You would need to store authorization settings for each application somewhere else.


          Edit: I believe you would need to use webtickets for this to work or the user could just skip the landing page and go straight to the AccessPoint.