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    database SPA HANA

    Marco Marcolini


      Connector SAP already provides the connecting link to the new SAP HANA database?

      thanks for your cooperation

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          Jonathan Poole

          The SAP Connector from QlikView can access HANA  IF  Netweaver is deployed on HANA.


          But you don't need the SAP Connector , you can use the ODBC driver that comes with HANA to do the connection via ODBC free of charge and that allows you to access HANA if the first condition above is not met.

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              Tobias Vogt

              Hi Jonathan,


              as I'm currently  doing some tests with HANA via odbc and I'd like to ask whether the login windows appears or appeared too, and how you can supress this for using odbc in automated reload tasks.


              On each reload I get the popup to enter username and password or just got to confirm the given entries.


              Regards and many thanks for any hints,


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                  Tobias Vogt

                  A short note to my previous post:

                  There is a newer ODBC-Driver Version with no popup on reload.

                  That might be used for automated reloads.

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                      Mathias Pietrus

                      Where can I get this new ODBC-Driver Version? And what do I need to take care of?

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                          Tobias Vogt

                          Hey, hi Mathias,


                          you can download this via SAP Marketplace as a SAR-File you have to unzip via SAPCAR.

                          The ODBC-Driver is part of the SAP HANA CLIENT.

                          After Unzip the SAR-File run the Installation and make sure it has been selected for being installed.


                          Hope it helps




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                              Mathias Pietrus

                              Hey Tobias,


                              Thank's for your quick response.

                              So I downloaded the latest Version ( and installed it.

                              But the login window still appears.


                              Do I have to change something (what? where?) in QV or create a new ODBC-datasource (User- or System-DSN)?


                              Thank's in advance!

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                                  Tobias Vogt

                                  Hi Mathias,


                                  so what is your HDBODBC-Driver Version you can see in ODBC-Source Administration?

                                  My Version is

                                  Could you test successfully the Connection to your SAP HANA DB in ODBC-Source Administration?


                                  My Version of the SAP HANA Client - SAR File was


                                  In QV you have to create the connect string once with the credentials.

                                  Does it work when you entered your credentials?

                                  Or does it carry on if you entered your credentials again?





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                                      Mathias Pietrus

                                      Hi Tobias,


                                      my driver version in ODBC-Administration is I also tested the connection successfully in ODBC-Source Administration.


                                      My Version of SAP HANA Client is :





                                      I can create a connect-string to Hana (this works fine!)  and I can also load data (I have to enter my credentials every time). But as soon as I want to load again or add a view or table I have to enter my credentials again and again...


                                      Can I create (how?) a connect-string (in QlikView) including my credentials?

                                      Like that:

                                      ODBC CONNECT TO DEMO_HANA (XUserId is KaFUbJFLTCVKUGBA, XPassword is TLICUJFMQDaCGXFMRRMGTTA);


                                      Thank's in advance!


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                          Mats Olin

                          You can connect directly to SAP HANA through the JDBC or ODBC connector provided by SAP and the standard JDBC or ODBC connector in QV  if you wan't to access analytical views for example. If you run 'BW on HANA' and want to access your BW objects you can also use the different QV SAP connectors if you have those aswell. Just like Jonathan said / Mats