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    Aggregate value down column in chart..

      Any help would be greatly appreciated on this one.

      Here is my problem;


      I have a list of invoices that are composed of two lines, only on the first line does a value x appear. However, I need to see this value appear all the way down the column in my chart.

      Value x is stored in field [Field X] and invoice number is stored in field [Invoice Number]

      I am currently using: aggr([Field X],[Invoice Number]) which works pretty well.


      However ive found it to be very memory intensive and I cannot push the aggr function back into the script.

      Is there an alternative to the aggr function which would produce the same result that is not as labour intensive or would enable me to push the function back into the load script?


      (an example of the results I may see are be below)


      Invoice Number, Field X, Aggregated Function Produces

      1 4 4

      1 4

      2 5 5

      2 5

      3 6 6

      3 6