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    How to build bar chart showing % of parts that make up one bar

    David Pantich

      I'm sure this is possible and has probably been discussed here before but I'm striking out with all my search terms.


      I want to build a bar chart (suggest another format if there is a more suitable one) that shows one bar for each category and within the category it would show the % of items that fell within one of 4 different time ranges. As this is sometimes hard to explain with words, I've attached a very crude prototype to show you what I mean.


      The categories are on x axis. The y axis represent the % of the total number of items. Each colored rectangle in the bars represents the % of total items for that category that fell within last 7, 14, 21 and >21 days. For this example, let's say data model has the following fields and values

      2014 1007_02.09.42.PM_0003.jpg



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.