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    Subroutine - I'm missing some little thing

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have built a subroutine before, but only once. Now I have a code that is necessary to cleanse the data we get from our customer.

      The code works fine on one record - but in reality, there might of course be more than one, and it might not be the first.

      => So I need a subroutine that I can call once for every record.


      It's there I am currently failing: When I click through the script in debugging_mode, QlikView reads the "sub" line, but it seems to skip all the steps inbetween and jump directly to the "end sub".


      Can someone help me? I am already comparing it to the app where I built a subroutine and I can't spot a relevant difference.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,