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    INPUTFIELD on server



      I am wondering how data for INPUTFIELD works between opening on Access Point and opening on local machine using Qlikview Desktop.


      I have tried by creating a dashboard with an inputfield.


      What I have found is that the data I changed when using Qlikview Desktop cannot be viewed when using Access Point. And when I change data on Access Point, I cannot see the changes using Qlikview Desktop.


      Is it possible to let any changes in data can be viewed on both ends?


      Thank you very much.



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          Andres Prado

          Hi Baikang, I think what happens is that the data you put into the inputfields -no matter desktop or server- will be lost after you close your dashboard.


          Hope it helps.


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              Friedrich Hofmann



              what do you want to do with the Input_field? usually, it is used to get some input from the user which is then used in calculations - it is stored merely as a temporary variable, just like Andres proposed. It is not saved as part of the qvw.


              When you want users (via Access_Point) to use the variables ?you? put in on Desktop, you have to use a routine to write those to a little table and make it a listbox from where your users can select.


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              Peter Cammaert

              In QV Desktop, InputField data is kept in the document itself. IMHO in the AP, between sessions the InputField values are stored in the Shared file. In your Desktop environment, there is no Shared file, and in the server environment, you as a user cannot change the QVW file.

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                  Friedrich Hofmann



                  If what you want is to provide every user of that document with all the values prior users have put into that Input_box, you have to provide them with a button to trigger a partial_reload that will store that value (alongside all those which were input earlier) in a small table and store it as a qvd - and the next user needs a button to trigger another type of reload that will load just this qvd and create a listbox from which he can choose - or input a new value.

                  Quite a complicated task as I am not sure all of that is possible with Document_CALs. i tried to build something similar a few times, but ultimately failed.

                  Maybe - but I have no experience there - notes on the objects would be a possibility, but I have an inkling those are not possible on AP, only using the Desktop_version.