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    UDF (user defined function) related bug?

      let's say I want to use nested UDFs.


      for example:


      set udf1 = $1 + $2;

      this way =$(udf1(1,2)) equals 3 which is correct.

      then I add one more UDF:


      set udf2 = $(udf1($1, $2));


      this way =$(udf2(3,4)) equals 7 which is correct aswell.

      but if I define udf3 this way:

      set udf3 = $(udf1(1, $1));

      and call it with parameter "5" (since it has only one parameter) it supposed to be 1+5=6, but i get different result:

      =$(udf3(5)) equals 2 which is incorrect in my opinion.

      the value of udf3 in the Variable Overview window is 1 + 1.

      Is there something I'm doing wrong, or this is really an incorrect behaviour?

      Any suggestions are welcome!