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    QlikView Scalability Issue is Urgent

      Hi Good Afternoon,

      Stuck in Middle of Application

      we have 2 Sources for Every Month we are getting data in .txt file format

      A.txt-(52 filelds),


      8-Excel files with 2 fields in Each excel.

      1-country for one month data

      4.5+4.5+3=12 GB=12000 MB

      Max RAM Consumption(6 users):   7.36*12000/4.96 =17806 MB=18 GB  

      All countries after one year => Per Year RAM Consumption=18*12=216 GB  (80*12=960 million rows)

      App Size-(countries-1-Month):=2.71 GB

      App Size-(countries-1-Month):=3 GB

      App Size-(All countries-12-Month):=300 GB data.

      My Questions  Is it costly one to load all months data in App and maintain Application Server


      We need to go for SQL Sever Data Mart creation from which we will connect and get data into App.

      Question  is  QVD's are created for every month and working around QVD is good or else storing data in SQL Server directly working around raw data is good