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    Problem with WriteQVD in Expressor 3.12



      I have downloaded the latest version of Expressor to test the WriteQVD component but I have some trouble...


      There is no problem when I save data in QVX. But when I enter ".qvd" the following error appends :


      "LUA_QVD-0003-A: QVB COM Server Initialization Error: Write-QVD CreateInstance failed (Interface non enregistr´┐Że)"


      Is that someone already had this message ? Any idea about that ?


      For information, the component parameters are :



      Thanks for your help !

        • Re: Problem with WriteQVD in Expressor 1.12
          Maximiliano Velez

          I'm expirencing almost the same problem, in my case i'm trying to read a QVD file.on a 64Bit Windows 2012.


          LUA_QVD-0004-A: QVB COM Server Initialization Error: Read-QVD CreateInstance failed (Interface not registered)


          I suspect is the O.S. since i have the same project on a Win7 64bit machine, and it works perfectly.


          So far I already unistal QVB and Expressor, reboot machine, install Expressor and no joy. All keep you posted if I find anything else.