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    Minimum of values not zero

    Viktor Forsman

      This is probably really easy but I cannot find the function for it. Basically I want to take the minum of all values in my dimension which is not zero.


      i.e for the following dataset:


      id, value, ....

      1, 4800,

      2, 3300,

      3, 2900,

      4, 3000,

      5, 0,

      6, 4100,

      7, 2400

      8, 0

      9, 2800


      I want the expresion to return 2400. This is only for one visualization so I don't want to remove the 0 values in the data load script. I was looking for a "filter" function to filter out all 0 values in the array before applying the Min aggregation but it doesn't seem to exist.