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      Hi All,


      I have a couple of questions re a couple of variables I have.


      I have 2 calendar objects, called start date and end date. These objects are linked to variables which I use in expressions to bring up data within 2 time ranges.


      How can I:

      1) On open or close of the app clear the selections made, so that when the app is opened, it has no selections

      2) Is there an error trapping function in QlikView to say if this expression produces an error value, display this text. I have one particular text box where if I haven't made date selections it says error in expressions, I would like it to say "No Dates Selected" instead. (Current formula is

      ='Dates Selected:

      From '& Date($(vFromDate),'DD.MMM.YYYY')&'

      To '&

      Date($(vToDate),'DD.MMM.YYYY')    )

      3) How do I use "Char" in a text box to manage which text goes on which line?


      Thank you



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          Niklas Hedborg

          1. There is a "Action" called "Set Variable" which could be used to clear variables e.g. OnActivateSheet.


          It works generally fine on variables, but if you use the Calendar-object it does seem like that overrides this action and you cannot change a selected date.


          One possibility would be to run this in steps so e.g. vToDate is set to vCalToDate (connected with the Calendar object) and then you clean out vToDate.



          2. In the Charts > General Tab you have the standard "Error Messages", where you can switch to a custom message.


          3. You can work with regular lines breaks within quotes. E.g.


          ='Here is my first line


          Here comes my third line





          and some more...'


          Kind regards



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            Antonio Mancini

            Hi Herbert,

            you can try set your variable as Date in

            Document Property -> Number -> Variables.

            So I resolved.