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    Calculating min() value regardless of *some* dimensions

      Hi guys!

      First of all, I'm using QV 8.2 hence I don't have the option of using Set-Analysis.

      Now, I have a pivot table that consist of the following fields:

      Order_No, Account_No, Rate, Value, Value*Rate (and other fields, i.e. Date, Sub_Account_No etc. which I don't show in the pivot)

      (The Rate field is loaded from a table that looks like this: Order_No, Date, Rate)

      In the pivot table I need to take the minimum Rate (regardless of the date) but the problem is that if I do it like this:


      then the rate is different even under the same order, because the date (under every account) can be different.

      If I enter the expression:

      min (total Rate)

      then it gives me the minimum rate of ALL orders. (Work fine if I select one order at a time...)

      Isn't there a way (without using set-analysis) to calculate the minimum rate, but under the Order dimension only (without considering the Account Dimension), something like:

      aggr(min(value),Order_No) <--Doesn't work in the expression of the pivot table

      Am I missing something obvious??

      Thanks in advance,