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    Gauge chart

    vijay prasad

      Hi All,


      I want to know what is min,max value and segment in gauge chart.



      @I am new into qlikview I also want to know is there good future in Qlikview if get job in qlikview




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          Agis Kalogiannis

          Hi Vijay


          According to Qlikview help...


          Gauge Min

          Specifies the minimum value of the gauge. This corresponds to the bottom position of the gauge indicator.


          Gauge Max

          Specifies the maximum value of the gauge. This corresponds to the top position of the gauge indicator. 


          Gauge Segment Settings

          In this group you define the segments making up the gauge. All gauges except LED style gauges must have at least one segment. For circular and linear gauges the segments make up differently colored areas in the gauge background. For traffic light gauges each segment corresponds to one light. A list of segments is shown and you may select one segment in the list to change its properties.


          I hope this helps


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            Sarah Miller

            Hi Vijay,


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