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    Proxy.aspx / Integrating Qlikview and Apache

      Hello Community.


      I need your assistance integrating Qlkiview and Apache. My understanding is that I can use Proxy.aspx for

      asp.net sites or  I can also create my own proxy file. Since I am using Apache, I would need to create my own proxy file.


      Has anyone done this on the past ? Can you provide sample files that I can use ?. I am not familiar with the correct syntax.


      Per Qliks documentation, When you create your own proxy file, the following condition must be met:


      Server request are coming ("escaped") in client request query string "u"

      Cookies are copied from client request to server request

      Headers are copied from server response to client response

      Server response is copied in binary form to client response.


      Any assistance would be highly appreciated.