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    How to display partial sum/Total for fields in a dynamic report ?

      Dear All,

      I am creating a dynamic report using the sample posted by John Witherspoon.

      I have a requirement where i have to display Total value(partial sums) for a couple of fields.

      How do i go about it ? any suggestions ?


        • How to display partial sum/Total for fields in a dynamic report ?

          Hi punarkarthik,


          Can you please post a sample of your requirement.. Then it will be more clear to understand and someone will help you on the issue..


          Thanks and Regards,



            • How to display partial sum/Total for fields in a dynamic report ?

              I am using the following Macro to generate dynamic reports in qlikview.



              sub rebuild()

              ActiveDocument.GetApplication.WaitForIdle 'wait for QlikView to finish before modifying report

              set selectedExpressions = ActiveDocument.getField("Expressions").getSelectedValues

              set selectedDimensions = ActiveDocument.getField("Dimensions").getSelectedValues

              selectedExpressionMax = selectedExpressions.Count - 1

              selectedDimensionMax = selectedDimensions.Count - 1

              if selectedExpressionMax + selectedDimensionMax > -2 then 'bypass if nothing is selected

              '--------------------------- EXPRESSIONS ------------------------------------------------------

              set chart = ActiveDocument.getSheetObject("CH01")

              set chartProperties = chart.GetProperties

              set chartExpressions = chartProperties.Expressions

              chartExpressionMax = chartExpressions.Count - 1

              dim selectedExpression(100) 'runs slightly faster if first set up a simple array

              for j = 0 to selectedExpressionMax

              selectedExpression(j) = selectedExpressions.Item(j).Text


              for i = 0 to chartExpressionMax 'for every possible expression defined to the chart

              e = chartExpressions.Item(i).Item(0).Data

              chartExpression = e.ExpressionVisual.Label.v

              expression = e.ExpressionData

              if chartExpression <> "Default" then

              expression.Enable = false 'disable the expression

              end if

              for j = 0 to selectedExpressionMax 'check all selected expressions

              if selectedExpression(j) = chartExpression then 'if user selected the expression

              expression.Enable = true 'enable it

              j = 9999 'and exit the inner loop

              end if



              chart.SetProperties chartProperties

              '--------------------------- DIMENSIONS --------------------------------------------------------

              chartDimensionMax = chart.GetColumnCount - 1

              for i = chartDimensionMax to 0 step -1 'remove existing dimensions

              chart.removeDimension i


              for j = 0 to selectedDimensionMax 'add selected dimensions

              chart.addDimension selectedDimensions.Item(j).Text


              end if

              end sub

              This works perfectly.Now i want to display the partial sum for a couple of fields in the dynamic report.Is it possible ?