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    Exists Question



      In my load statement I have the following conditional where clause


      WHERE exists(PropertyID) and exists(AccommodationTypeID,AccomTypeID)


      Instead of applying during load, I want to create a flag for this condition, using the following expression in the load field section


      if(exists(PropertyID) and exists(AccommodationTypeID,AccomTypeID),1,0) as PropertyIDFLAG


      The PropertyIDFLAG does not flag the same fields as that of my conditional where. Could someone explain why





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          Antonio Mancini

          Hi Byron,

          I think that If() works on the already  records loaded at the moment, in a different way Where.



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            Martin Pohl

            Hello Byron,


            in the load statement you load fields within values exists 1 and exists 2.

            But they don't have to be in the same line.

            In the Flagstatement the condition is checked in each line and the flag is only set if the flags exists in both fields.

            For same result you need an or, I think



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                Hi Martin,


                Tried the or approach and that did not work either. I will give anbu's suggestion a try even though I am doing this on the main load, not a resident but will create a resident load to test this approach. I find it odd that in the exists clause it handles the expression exactly like I want but as soon as I load it as a calculated field it does not.


                Will reply as soon as I have checked both responses