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    Qlikview strange auto reordering & refresh Bebaviour

      Hi QVs,


      1. Have anyone of you meet a problem of the qlikview reordering the worksheets sometimes when reopening the file or performing some actions of the file? I sometimes find the worksheet reordered when I open the file but I want to keep the worksheet a fixed order.

      Is there anything I mis-click or configure?


      2. I set some conditional show of tables, after I add a function of resizing 2 pivot tables A and B at the same time in qlikview today. After resizing, table A suddenly lost the correct conditional show behabiour, and always show. But when I check the properties of the table, the conditional show formula is still there, the control variable is correct, and all the other tables are fine including table B.

      Do anyone know what could cause this problem?


      Thanks very much!


      Best Regards,