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    loosely coupled tables because of loop

      I have two tables that I need to link together but they don't share enough common key fields so I had to bring in a 3rd table but Qlikview sees this as loops


      Given the following 2 tables


      Accounting Ledger Table

      • Batch number (multiple items in batch)
      • Item Description


      Item Ledger Table

      • Batch number (many items have same batch #)
      • Item Number


      I want to get the actual accounting data to go with item transactions.  Since accounting is in batches of item, I need to also consider the item.  In one table I have item Number in the other Item description, the only way to really link them is to bring in a 3rd


      Item Master

      • Item Number
      • Item Description


      However when I link the 3 tables together, I get a warning
      one or more loops have been detected Qlikview will cut the loops by setting one
      or more tables as loosely coupled.



      How can I link this data and avoid these loops?