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    Show & Hide sheet objects using macro



      Can someone help me in making a macro to show and hide sheet objects?

      Thanks in advance =)

        • Show & Hide sheet objects using macro

          Hi Wilnard,

          What I normaly do (maybe it's not the best of all solutions) its to use a macro like this:

          sub macro1
          set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vButton1")
          v.SetContent "1",true
          set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vButton2")
          v.SetContent "0",true
          set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vButton3")
          v.SetContent "0",true
          end sub

          In this example its a macro for being using on click event of the 1st button in the sheet (in this sheet I have 3 buttons). After that I put the visible option of a object with vButton1. Maybe it's not the best, but it works very well.



          • Show & Hide sheet objects using macro
            Deepak Kurup

            Hope the attach application helps you out.