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    Stream: how to authorize a group

    Roland Vecera



      For testing purposes I run QlikSense in a Virtual Machine with local users+groups.

      I have synchronized the local directory with the QMC.


      When I now create a new Stream called "Management Apps" I want to authorize the local group "Management Dashboard".

      How can I achive this?


      From my testing "user.userID" works for single user values (in my example the user "europe"). But how can I utilize existing groups? See screenshot below:


      Small side question: What is the "Create" Checkbox good for? It's always disabled in my case! How can I enable this checkbox?






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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Roland - I am not sure if this is possible with local users and groups - I believe this is possible when you create a user directory connection to a Active Directory - where the additional attributes should display in the list for the users.


          Have you attempted to setup a User Directory Connector?


          I am also performing this task and will provide you with some additional feedback. I will also clarify this information with a colleague, he may chime in if necessary.



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            Fredrik Lautrup

            It is a bug that the create check box is greyed out in the templates. A work around is to not select a template and add the resource filter manually which will let you select the create box.



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              Michael Tarallo

              Hi Roland -


              In regards to your original question about the group attributes from the local directory, these are know limitations that have been entered as feature improvements for future releases.


              • The local UDC will only import users it will not import the groups.
              • And the create option gets greyed out if you select a template.

              The work-around in not to use the resource template, but to add the resource filter manually and then this will let you select the create action.


              In regards to Active Directory - it is a frequent request to let people define which attributes that we should bring in from an AD (org, country, phone …) so this has been also added as an enhancement, but currently we only bring in group and e-mail from AD.

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