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    Retaining Subtotals and Percents on Pivot (Hide/Remove Dimensions)

    Trina Ward

      How can I make the pivot to retain is values when one or more dimensions are removed/hidden?

      How can I hide a dimension on a pivot table?

      I have a pivot with Dimensions (CycleDate, Role, Status, ActiveFlag) and


      Count of records = COUNT(REC_ID)

      Percent of Active records = count(REC_ID)/count(all<CYCLE_DATE,ROLE,STATUS,ACTIVE_FLAG>(REC_ID))count(REC_ID)/count(all<CYCLE_DATE,ROLE,STATUS,ACTIVE_FLAG>(REC_ID))


      Total Records by SubGroup = count(all<ROLE,STATUS,CYCLE_DATE, REC_OWNER>(REC_ID))

      How can I remove/hide role,status and ActiveFlag without changing the subtotals and pecent values?