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    Frequency Histogram as % of Total, with Calculated Dimensions

      I am struggling to create a histogram showing the count of an item as % of total across one standard dimension (Year) when the 'buckets' are a calculated dimension. Displaying the actual frequencies works fine but in order to work out percentage of total for a given year, I need to use the statement


           count(DISTINCT total <Year> UserID)


      Totalling by Year (which is not a calculated dimension) does not seem to work when another calculated dimension is involved, and each row is evaluated as a proportion of itself, leading to all percentages showing as 100%.


      See attached simplified example in which I am counting the number of brands shopped with across two years for a handful of users. The frequency chart (top left) works fine but when trying to show it as a % of total this does not work.


      Note I need a solution entirely within the chart - I can't consider pre-aggregation in the load script, as my actual case needs to be far more dynamic and I can't pre-calculate every possible option.