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    Count up fields base on visual cues or values in another chart?

      Hi All,


      What I am looking for, and  I may just be overcomplicating this, is I have a pivot chart that have dimensions for Month/Day of week (mon-fri) and week number (1-5 weeks per month) and for expressions is just easy SUM(field).  For each expression i setup a visual cue to highlight when a sum >5 in red.  What I need to be able to do, and this should likley be done in another chart, is count up for any given dimension the # of sums >5.  Attached is a picture of my chart and one of the expression fields.


      What I need to be able to see in another chart is

      Month           total count     by dimension

      January          6                    rolled full month up (all red values)

      January          3                    filtered to Friday (6/7/6 values)


      This data will obiously be run for larger date ranges so i want to be able to move the Month dimension to 2nd place and be able to roll this data to DoW only and then by month etc..


      Maybe this can be done in the same chart even, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to put it all together.