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    Qlikview server cals cleanup and deletion

    Syed Shah



      We have around 3000 cals and sometimes the CALs reaches almost its limit. When I see the CAL history, some of the users have only logged in few months back and havent been using the CALs after that. I was wondering if we could cleanup the assigned CALs. I have basically two questions and will appreciate if someone could clarify them


      1) Can I sort the CALs history by date? I can't seem to find any option for sorting by date.

      2) Is there any easy way to delete the old assigned CALs? Since the CALs are being assigned dynamically, can I just delete all Cals at the start of every month and restart the server? The most recent users will be assigned the CALs again and CALs will not be occupied by users that are not using reports. This way, I can effectively see when I am actually hitting the limit