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    Issue with some temporary tables being created

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have an issue, seemingly in one piece of my code that goes like this:


      From_Field(Temp1, Mat_unsauber)
      no labels);
      // At this point, there should be four records in this table
      RENAME FIELD @1 TO Sachnr_und_Anz_$(v_line2);


      DROP TABLE SOFA_Liste_v2;

      At this point (this is the second one of two subroutines being called), there is an error "FieldName already exists", the reason being that there is some table created in an earlier iteration of that subroutine called "SOFA_Liste_v2-1".

      I would like to know why that is being created and not dropped and if I can avoid the creation of that clone - or at least delete it.

      Thanks a lot!


      Best regards,