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    hide/show the entire straight table when selected value=<value>

    Steve Lord

      Hi, I know how to hide/show columns, text objects, and various other things, but am having difficulty making this entire straight table chart disappear if a condition is not met.  A particular client wants a count of something broken out by a dimension only they use, and I want the straight table to appear when this client is selected and to go away when not, so my condition would be ClientName='AcmeAnvils' for the table to show, and for it not to show if that is not selected.  The table has 1 dimension and 1 expression, and is as basic as can be otherwise.  (I want it to disappear when other clients are selected because other clients may want other things down the road, and I'd use this piece of real estate for them in the same way.  I might switch to a container object or something later if many clients start making a similar request.)