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    Webserver url

    Vince W

      Hello QlikView users,


      I would like to change some redirections in our QlikView Accespoint. I managed to change the (custom) login url to:


      As you can see /qlikview/ is removed from the url. But after the login the url places /qlikview/ again:


      Is there a way to change the url after the login and remove the /qlikview/   ??

      The same thing is the 'redirect' when using the "sign out". It returns also with /qlikview/


      Can I change it in some script (js or aspx) or is it hard coded?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Colin Hancox

          Hi Vince


          Not sure if you have an answer to this yet.  This process should remove /qlikview from the url:

          1.  Open the QlikView Management Console.

          2.  Go to System > QlikView Web Servers and click on your server.

          3.  Go to the Web tab.

          4.  Under Root Folders click on the green + to add a record and add a record with no name (i.e., just leave it blank) and add the same Path as the QLIKVIEW entry, e.g., C:\Program Files\QlikView\Web.

          5.  Click Apply.


          Your url should now work without the /qlikview, and not display it after login.


          This worked for me, hopefully for your setup as well.

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            Ashfaq Mohammed

            Colin is right.


            Have a look at attached image for more clarity.