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    Daily stock in line chart

      Hi everyone,


      I need a help with inline chart. On a data I have not daily stock, but occasional stock


      Date               Stock

      2014-01-01     100 pcs

      2014-01-09     50 pcs

      2014-02-11     150 pcs


      I need to make daily stock chart to analyse how my stock is moving daily.

      Is there any way to do this.

      Thanks a lot



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          If I have understood correctly, you want a chart with all the days, even though you dont have data for all these days.


          I would create a master calendar with all the days of the months you are using. I would use the day as Dimension in the chart, checking "Show all values".




          PD: I didnt realize you are using QlikSense. I´m not sure how the charts work there, but you can give it a try anyway.

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            Johan Lindell

            Make a calendar table with all dates you need.


            Put the movements in a mapping table


            Read into a new table from the calendar table and add the movements to the dates. Then use Peek / Previous calculate the next days balande based upon the current day's comsumption and the previous day's endiing stock. This will give you a stock balance for the empty days as well.