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    100% Bar chart or Meko Chart

      Hi Everyone,


      I am really stuck. I am trying to create a 100% bar chart or else meko chart. I have not done this before, so any advice or help would be greatly appriciated.

      What I want to see is a bar chart (Preferably) that has two expressions. One for YTD Revenue and one For Prior YTD Revenue. This then needs to be grouped by Tier 1 and all other Tiers.


      I am currently singling out the Tier 1 data using a set dimension 'Sum({<Tiering={'Tier 1'}>}Value)'


      Then I want to display the chart by Cluster as my Dimension. Please see my diagram attached for an example of what I want.


      The other option I was able to build was the Meko chart, but I am not sure I have done this correctly, It displays the Tier1 and then other Tier as a full bar at 100% for each cluster, with one expression stacked. The expression I am using here to seperate the teir is;


      Sum({<Tiering={'Tier 1'}>Value)


      Sum({<Tiering/={'Tier 1'>Value)



      But the only issue I am having is adding in another expression to the chart so you can compare current quater to Prior Quater. As you can see at the moment I have to seprate charts, but Ideally this would be combined so that you would have 2 bars for each cluster, one for QTD Revenue and one for PQTD Revenue.

      Please see my Image attached of the 2 charts I was able to create, what I would like to do here, is to combine them, so that you can see the one chart with 2 expressions (PQTD & QTD) for each cluster.


      I would really appriciate any help at all.