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    How to visualize orders...

    cristian ivanoff

      Hi All!

      I have a list of orders with different status. An order may have the status "Received", "Active", "Approved".

      Received means that the order is received but not reviewed by staff. A time stamp for this is available.

      Active means that the order is being reviewed by staff. Time stamp available.

      Approved means that the order is approved by staff and this starts different processes. Time stamp available.

      There is an internal target that all orders should be approved within 24 hours. That is the time from "Received" to "Approved" is maximum 24 hours.


      The requirement is to visualize the orders in three categories:

      1 - All orders with less than 8 hours until deadline. Deadline is 24 hours from Received time stamp.

      2 - All orders with more than 8 hours until deadline.

      3 - All orders that passed deadline.


      There is also a requirement of showing the value ($) of the orders. I was thinking of showing different colors for different values in some way.


      Well my first thought was to create a bar chart with three bars - one for each point above and have different colors on the bars representing the value. A red color that gets darker if the total value of the bar is higher.


      My question is: do you have any suggestion how to visualize this in other ways?


      All ideas are appreciated.