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    Is 'Hierarchy' or 'HierarchyBelongsTo' the Answer

    Ismael Villegas II

      I did a bit of searching in existing posts on the topic of using 'Hierarchy' and 'HierarchyBelongsTo' but I couldn't seem to find anything that talking about what the source data needs to look like to use them in scripts.


      I have some detailed sales data that contains a complete 5 level hierarchy for each row of sales. Below is an example of the data structure.


      R100T123D453A876R001 $      115.00
      R100T123D454A877R002 $      200.00
      R100T123D455A875R003 $      324.00
      R100T124D455A878R004 $        86.00
      R100T124D455A132R005 $      121.00


      The dashboard that I am working on will be used by the first three levels (regional, territory and district managers) of the hierarchy so I am trying to ensure that when, for example, a territory manager opens the dashboard that all of his or hers district, area and rep sales are shown.


      Does anyone know how I can use 'Hierarchy' and 'HierarchyBelongsTo' to achieve a relationship based on the hierarchy level of the user? Any assistance with this would be very much appreciated.


      Thank you,