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    Background colour in pivot table based on expression

      Hi Guys,


      I have this dummy data:


      Name      Price

      A               100

      B               105

      C               95

      D               80



      I want to do the following thing with it: I want every number in the Price column to have a background color code as follows:

      100 should be green for being the first number in the column

      105 should be green because it's in the firstNumber (100 in this case)*0.95 and firstNumber*1.05 range

      95 should be green because it's in the firstNumber*0.95 and firstNumber*1.05 range

      80 should be red because it's not in the range


      This is a pivot table. Also, I've tried with if(Price<First/Top(Price)*1.05 and Price>First/Top(Price)*0.95, green(), red()) but didn't get the desired result. Any ideas?





      PS: I have the free version so I cannot open qvw files, so please try to explain your answer by writing, not attaching a file