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    Dimensions' label in a chart

    Alberto Gugel


      Hi guys, I'm building a qvw to analyse SAP-BW process chains day-by-day performance. Precisely I used a bar chart to build a "Gantt" that shows for each execution of a chain the moment it started, how much it lasted and when is stopped. So I used the LOG_ID (table RSPCLOGCHAIN if it helps anyone) field as unique dimension.

      LOG_ID values are, however, not readable and I'd like to substitute them with the relevant chain name. I tried CHAIN_NAME (TXTLG of RSPCCHAINT) as dimension but the chart would have become incorrect with more than one execution of the same chain in the period object of analysis: in this case the relevant bar disappears.

      So my goal is using LOG_ID as dimension but viewing the corresponding CHAIN_NAME in the chart.

      Is it possible?




        • Dimensions' label in a chart
          Karl Pover

          You can do this as a calculated dimension, but it would be better to create a new field in the script, but have the dimension be something like below:

          TXTLG & '(' & LOG_ID & ')'

          or it might work in the script if you create a field using the dual() function to create a sort of mask.

          dual(TXTLG,LOG_ID) as NEW_DIMENSION


          • Dimensions' label in a chart


            I think you should create a new field during load. This new field will be your new dimension. You can use the dual() function to create a field that looks like your CHAIN_NAME and can be numerical sorted according to LOG_ID:

            Load ....

            dual(CHAIN_NAME, LOG_ID) AS New_Dim