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    Hide/View sheets & objects

      Hi All,


      I know that we can control of Sheet/Objects view/hide via expressions.

      Is there any possibility of hide/view Sheets/Objects using script. There are lot off conditions, I would like to write in Script.



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          I don't believe you can invoke methods or properties of sheet objects through the load script, but I would be very curious to see what others propose.


          One approach may be to use Macros, but this might not necessarily line up with what you are trying to accomplish.

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            Jonathan Poole

            You can use the 'SET' command in the script to assign a long expression like the following (which isn't that long)


            SET  vShowHideExpression= ' =Sum(Sales) > 10 and Count(Customer) < 20' ;


            This will add a variable to your application which can be used in the Show/Condition expression on the layout tab in the properties of the object you want to hide.


            in this situation the expression is physcially written in the 'script' per se but i'm not sure if that is your lone objective.