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    Automated task is not exporting qlikview report images on one pc

    Gonçalo Bernardino

      Something weird is happening.


      I am able to generate automatically some images (and exporting them) by running qlikview client (not from a server). A vbs script loads qlikview automatically, and the internal vbs scripts runs the report and automatically exports the files to some local folder.


      I have two home computers: one laptop with Windows 7 and a desktop running Windows 8. I am being able to perform this normally on those computers.


      I've been trying to reproduce the same in the office. The difference is that at the office it's a corporate network with the usual corporate security.


      At the office I also have two pc's. I have a laptop with admin rights, running win 7, and the qlikview desktop version is installed and I am able to perform the same tasks same way I do at home. But, I also have a desktop, now with admin rights as well. and even if I force running the external vbs script and/or qlikview, I am unable to complete the task and export the qlikview charts, images and stuff. I have no errors, but when I run the vbs script, it takes some time to load qlikview automatically (30 secs or more), but it loads, and it loads the internal information and data, nevertheless it doesn't export the images automatically after that. The qlikview file simply remains opened but doesn't do anything else or it doesn't give any errors. On the other machines it does all that, it exports the images and closes qlikview automatically. There is something on this computer that is not allowing to do that, but I don't know why, because the reason cannot be neither because its a corporate pc (it works on my other corporate pc with admin rights). There might be something missing, like software, a update or a configuration, but I don't know why and yet I am still unable to solve this.


      Have you guys experienced something similar? Can I try doing something on that pc in order to fix this, since It's hard for me thinking that a replacement pc is the next step to pass this?


      Thanks in advance.