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    Direct Discovery issue

      I am using the direct discovery feature and using microsoft access to load data and while the data gets loaded into the qlikview worksheet it does not get changed dynamically when the data is changed at the source.How can this issue be resolved??

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          jagan mohan rao appala



          Check this option


          Try giving this command

          SET DirectCacheSeconds=60; -- This will refresh every one minute, by default it is 1800(30 minutes).



          You can set a caching limit to the Direct Discovery query results for Charts. Once this time limit is reached, QlikView Server clears the cache when new Direct Discovery queries are made. QlikView queries the source data for the selections and creates the cache again for the designated time limit. The result for each combination of selections is cached independently. That is, the cache is refreshed for each selection independently, so one selection refreshes the cache only for the fields selected, and a second selection refreshes cache for its relevant fields. If the second selection includes fields that were refreshed in the first selection, they are not updated in cache again if the caching limit has not been reached.

          The Direct Discovery cache does not apply to Table Boxes. Table Box selections query the data source every time.

          The limit value must be set in seconds. The default cache limit is 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

          The value used for DirectCacheSeconds is the value set at the time the DIRECT QUERY statement is executed. The value cannot be changed at runtime.

          SET DirectCacheSeconds=1800