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    How to show drill-down value in text box?

      I created a drill down hierarchy used in a list box.  So when I select someone in the first “level”, the list box then shows the corresponding values in the 2nd “level”.  Then when I select a value in that 2nd value list, it shows the corresponding values in the 3rd “level”.   The 3rd level is the final level.  I’m trying to create a text box that will show the selection at the lowest “level”. 


      For example, if I select value 1 at level 1, then select value 3 at level 2, then select value 5 at level 3, I want the text box to show value 5 at level 3.   Basically, I want to show in the text box whatever value at whatever level is selected in the drill-down list box.  Can this be done?


      Thanks,  Dan