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    flags and cross tables with nulls

      I have successfully created a cross table of 'final sites' but I also need
      to include data where the field is null (although I have replaced with text in
      resident table) as well as 'y' (I only want to exclude where the field = 'n')


      In the resident Main_Table where the field is null I have added text
      values that say 'not entered'


      I have used the following..





      CrossTable (site_code,Flag,1)
      [Assignment Number],
      [YCH G],
      [BWM G],
      [BRN G],
      [LWH G],
      [Velindre BRN],
      [Clywedog LWH],
      [Fan Gorau MCI]
      Resident Main_Table;

      NoConcatenate LOAD * Resident
      where Flag =

      DROP table