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    How to show only certain labels and data?

      Hi there,


      I am new to Qlikview. I have created a chart but i am having problems with getting only certain info to display.


      If you look in the sample data I have provided you will see that the chart currently shows all products(1,2,3,4 etc) under each company (A,B,C,D)


      I would like to have only relevant products showing under each heading. So for instance Company B, only show product 3 and 4.


      How can I do this?



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          Jonathan Poole

          How many companies do you have and do they change in the date much?


          These are 4 separate objects each filtered for a different company




          In a grouped bar chart with 2 dimensions you can't suppress the values from the 2nd dimension where expression are zeroes...it will show the whole group each time.


          Or you can concatenate the 2 dimensions together and get what you want with a different axis layout:



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              Thankyou this is really helpful.


              Max 4 companies but a lot of products. Ideally I'd like to keep everything in the one chart as this is part of a larger dashboard and it's important to clearly see how our company compares to the other 3 competitors. That's why I had a trellis in mine.


              Edit: Just to note i am open to how the data can be displayed and what kind of chart it is. I just picked bar chart to give an example.