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    Expression in Sense and Engine API give different results

      Hi all,


      so, I've got an app, and if I add a 'text & image' object and set the text as using a measure as '=ReloadTime()', I get this:


      26/08/2014 08:38:47.


      However, when using the engine API, using the 'CreateSessionObject' method, I supply this parameter fragment:


      "params": [{

                  "reloadTime": {

                      "qStringExpression" : "=ReloadTime()"


                  "qInfo": {

                      "qId": "",

                      "qType": "Listbox"




      When I examine the result using a 'GetLayout' call, I get the result as follows:


      9/1/2014 1:19:40 PM


      I can't really explain the difference since the expression is the same. It's not a format issue, since the dates and times are completely different.  Any ideas?


      Thanks a lot for looking,