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    Transformation Operator with lookup table

    Will Hancock

      I'm using a transformation operator to lookup values in a table containing multiple rows for the key.  Since multiple rows are returned, I need to somehow locate the values in the lookup table and return the values.  A table sample is:


      Region     Sales     Start          End       Period        Type

      100          101          1/1/14     1/7/14      Weekly        A

      100          101          1/8/14     1/14/14    Weekly        B

      101          105          1/1/14     1/31/14    Monthly      AA

      101          105          2/1/14     2/28/14    Monthly      BB

      100          102          1/1/14     1/31/14     Monthly     CC


      I will have a transaction file as input with various dates.  I need to determine the row containing the value and return the period and type of the lookup table.  Trying to determine the best method and performance for this process.