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      Hello everybody !

      I'm currently working on QVD exports and i've, on this topic, several questions :


      1. Is it possible to store only some elements of a table (for instance, the rows which correspond to a country or a date...)?



      2. Is it possible to change the path to the "buffer"? I mean, by default, it is "C:\Document and Settings\%user%\Application Data\Qlik-Tech\QlikView" but i woiuld like to save automatically the files in another directory... (for instance, the path of the QV application/Data/qvd)...



      Thanks a lot for your help !!



      Kind regards




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          Sathish G


          Using Macro it is possible to export the data form another drive

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            Oleg Troyansky

            1. If you are storing your QVDs manually (not using buffers), you can decide what table needs to be stored and you load just the relevant data into that table, prior to storing.

            2. For "automatic" QVD generation using buffers (I'm not sure if it's such a popular practice...) - you can change the location of the buffers in "Settings" - "User Preferences" - "Locations".



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                Thanks for your help Oleg !

                Anyway, does anyone know if QV allows users to export only some values in QVD ?

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                    Dear Franck,

                    You can use QV to export the query you want into a QVD.

                    Therefore you should be able to create a table such as ToExport: LOAD COUNTRY, xxx,yyy resident MyTable where COUNTRY = 'MYCOUNTRY';

                    Then Store Table ToExport INTO C:\MyQVD.qvd.

                    Hope this can helps you.



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                      Rob Wunderlich


                      Franck.Deny wrote:Anyway, does anyone know if QV allows users to export only some values in QVD ?

                      The Script "STORE" statement stores a QV table into a QVD file. The STORE statement optionally allows you to specifiy that only certain columns be stored in the QVD. You cannot filter on the row level. To filter on the rows, you must build a new table using WHERE and then STORE that new table.

                      See Help/Ref Guide details on STORE.


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                          Thanks Rob for your help !


                          But i think there is another option...
                          We create a straight table with all columns and we use filters to only display the data we want. Based on that, we use the "Export" feature to store it into a QVD :)


                          Quicker than reloading everything :)


                          Anyway, thank you guys for your help !