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    Selecting options from multiple list boxes tied to same field

      Hi, I am building a dashboard that has multiple tabs.  In one of the tabs, I'm tracking sales data by product.  In my raw data, I have a field with the date of sale of a particular product.  My data table has only one field for date as of now.


      I've created two list boxes based on the date field.  One list box displays the year, and one list box displays the month.  With this setup, if I pick Jun in Listbox#2, I cannot pick 2014 and 2013 in Listbox#1, since both are tied to the date field.  I can either do a selection in the Month listbox or Year listbox, but not both together.  If I need to see only Jun 2014 data, I cant. 


      How do I overcome this?  Is there a way to do it, or should I create a separate field for the year and month from the date, and make those my source?  Also, since the data comes from Excel, should I do that calculation in Excel and thereby reduce the load of Qlikview load, or can I do that directly in my Load script without too much overhead?


      Thanks much for your guidance.