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    Percentage of another function in pivot table



      I am fairly new to qlikview and i am trying to fix the below issue:.


      Below is my pivot chart in qlikview. I want to make the percentage as a function of the total carton count per time.


      Here is an example:


      For time as 0, on time as late and carton count as 449. The percentage should be 449/ 1136.


      For time as 0, on time as on time and carton count as 687- the percentage should be 687/ 1136.


      TimeOn Time PerformanceCarton CountPercentage
      0:00:00On Time687100%


      I also have this chart repeat with different times (ex. 1, 2, 3, 4) and I want the same expression to follow the same logic.


      Please let me know if you could help.