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    Delete a QVD file

      Hello All,

      Currently I am doing an incremental load of a QVD file but occasionally the database will be restored to an earlier state. In this case my QVD file has more data than it should. Ideally being able to delete some data out of the QVD file would be great but if that's not possible is there a way to simply delete the file?



        • Delete a QVD file
          Oleg Troyansky

          You can probably do it in VBScript, but why over - engineer the solution? QVD file is a regular file, it can be deleted manually at any time. As far as I understand, the event of the database being restored to an earlier stage is not an everyday event, right?

          You can also reduce the data in the QVD file by loading just the amount of data that you need (using where conditions) and then re-writing the original file with the reduced amount of data.

          • Delete a QVD file
            Peter Turner


            Hello Marc,

            How about something like this:

            With your database in a restored state, load the record with the latest date.
            (maybe select * from table, order by date_filed asc)

            Compare this with the latest date in your QVD file.

            If the QVD has data newer than the database, do a full reload of the database and store everything back to the QVD
            If the QVD has data older than the database, proceed with the incremental load as normal.

            For the number of times you restore your database, might be quicker to manually delete the QVD file.