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    Queries on CALs

    chinna katiki

      Dear All,


      Kindly help me to find out the answers for following Queries.


      In our Qlikview environment we have 100 Named CALs and 20 Session CALs. And we are auditing the licenses usage. While auditing we are identifying strange things in License Assignment.  Dynamic CAL assignment is not enabled in our server.


      1. We are having one named user who has consumed Named CAL and also Session CAL on the same day. What is the possibility for this. As per my knowledge,any Named User, doesn't need any session CAL to access application from Access Point. Our assumption is , User's Named CAL Lease with server is expired on that day and user might be using Ajax client instead of IE plug-in .Since Ajax client is not recognized user license lease, he has consumed Session CAL. Kindly confirm/ correct me if my assumption is wrong. As it is being happened for most of our users.


      2. With little contradiction to my above assumption, if Ajax client is not recognized the license lease, from below screenshot, same user is on the other day not having Active Client entry(means user is not used any Client software(desktop /IE plug-in) but he has valid session exist. what could be the possibility. If he used Ajax client, he should consume Session CAL.



      3. Is there any way to identify the Active client type(Desktop Client or IE Plug-in Or Ajax Client) that a Named User is using ?



      Chinna Katiki