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    extremely slow table

      Hello everyone,

           Qlikview optimizer show me, that one of my tables is way more slower than others.


      Here is the expression(and connected variables) of table

           Expression: $(eZak02(Faktura.Datum={">=$(Today()-$(vZakPos))"}))


      Num(Sum({$}{<[Nakup prodej.Kategorie]={'Prodej'}

      ,[Typ zbozi_ID]={1},$(=Replace('$1', ';', ','))

      >}[Nakup prodej.Prodejni cena celkem]),'# ##0')

           vZakPos: 360


      Any ideas why?

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          Jonathan Dienst



          It may not be the cause, but the expression in your variable looks a little odd. I think this


          Num(Sum({$}{<[Nakup prodej.Kategorie] = {'Prodej'}


          should read


          Num(Sum({$<[Nakup prodej.Kategorie] = {'Prodej'}....


          Have you tested the expanded expression as well?




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            Jakub Michalik

            Hard to say without knowledge of the data model etc. What I can suggest, is to eliminate all possible sources of the slowness step by step. Like, first: convert all dollar sign expansion to explicit formulas, see if it helps, second: start cutting parts of the set analysis expression one by one. All the time monitor the calc time, and you should find the cause soon. Mind though, it does not necessarily mean you would be able to speed it up. Some calculations just take time even in QV, especially if you have tons of data in that app.

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              Finally, I have found a solution. My problem was that I have calculated dimensions(it combines two dimensions into one) in this table. I created this dimension in script and used it in chart and now it works way faster. Thanks all for advices.